2Step Tuesdays! – Ambient Alchemists Takeover Vol. 3 – Nicky’s 30th Birthday





2Step Tuesdays!
Ambient Alchemists Takeover Vol. 3
Nicky’s 30th Birthday Party



The Bridge
6018 Broad St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206

Come join us for our Third return to 2Step as we celebrate Nicky’s 30th solar return

8pm-9pm – Apps and Cake
9pm-1am – Music



Hoodwink is an alchemist in his own right, fusing the headknocking swing of hip-hop with the otherworldly sound design of the latest underground bass and electronic dance music. As a budding soundboi he focuses on sounds that push systems capabilities and keep pressure on the dancefloor. Whether it’s breakbeats, dnb, dubstep, or trip-hop, the common denominator is funky drums and basslines that can be felt at your core


DJ, promoter, producer, and electronic music enthusiast alike, “AREKUSA”, is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native. Specializing in multiple different genres, she’s a connoisseur of deep, infectious dance grooves and a feel-good atmosphere. EST March 2020.


AFFILIATIONS: C4C / Korsakov / Kill Tomorrow / Abducted LTD

Dieselboy. Reid Speed. AK1200. Gridlok. Evol Intent. Hive. Fury. Submerged. The list goes on and on and on regarding influential and genre defining drum & bass artists hailing from the United States, yet looking at that list one thing is apparent: no one has risen up from the land of the free in a long, long time.

That’s about to change.

Enter Tom Kinsey. The Pittsburgh born and bred bodybuilder / personal trainer turned neuro prodigy has been at it for quite some time and the results are starting to stack up considerably in his favour. After having circled around the American usual suspects Divination and Abducted, he’s finally graduated towards Europe, first with releases on Close 2 Death and C4C and then getting onto ProtoCode and Korsakov Music. Dropset has also been featured by UKF, DJ Mag, and RedBull Music. As promising a trajectory as any.

50 years from now, will he be named in one breath with all the immortal legends that paved the way for him to pursue a career as a drum & bass artist? No one can tell. However, if there was ever anybody from the US with the skillset, motivation and talent in the new generation of producers, it would be Dropset. The future will tell. He is about to show you all.


Khan Kuma B2b IKhanik

Khan Kuma

Drew Owusu aka Khan Kuma is Pittsburgh born and bred. Captivated by sound system culture at an early age, it was inevitable that he would eventually pursue contribution from a creative perspective. Bass driven music has been a part of his life through his family’s Ghanaian roots and has always resonated within his being. Khan Kuma has always had a natural draw to electronic genres that were birthed from the sounds within black culture.

Capturing those elements within the bass music genres is what drives him and keeps him true to his roots. After spending years following his favorite artists across the US and throwing shows of his own, he embarked on his own journey through sound. Inspired by heavyweight Dubstep DJ’s such as Joe Nice, Coki, Mala, Caspa, Rusko, Truth, Ternion Sound, Deep Tempo, Sicaria Sound, and many others, Khan Kuma set out to pave his own way with weighty track selections containing robust low end that acts as an extension of his essence.

Through his mixing and production, Khan Kuma looks to connect with crowds, sound systems, artists and other entities within the music scene and tell a story of empowerment with reminders of the roots of bass music culture.




IKhanik is a movement of deep bass and scary melodies. Originally from NY but finding his home in Pittsburgh, he found his groove in 2019 and has never looked back since. He will come to the dance floor with weird, yet satisfying sounds, that are sure to amaze you every time with the unique track selection that he brings to the table. If you like the dark deep bass, you’ll be sure to love ikhanhik.



Together they form IKHANHIKUMA