2Step Tuesdays: DIAPERS N’ DUBS





2Step Tuesdays: DIAPERS N’ DUBS
Join Ambient Alchemists, 2Step Tuesdays, and the Dubstep Dad Collective as we throw down in anticipation of The Kuma Twins arrival! 🐻🐻

• Khan Kuma

• Heddy White

• Iamusick

• Pharro->

March 7th, 2023
The Bridge Music Bar
6018 Broad St, Pittsburgh, PA 15206
8pm – 1am


We will be raffling off an elite gift basket stuffed full of all kinds of merch and gift certificates. All you have to do is bring a pack of diapers to enter!

1 pack = 1 raffle ticket
Diapers appreciated but not required.

Khan Kuma

Drew Owusu aka Khan Kuma is Pittsburgh born and bred. Captivated by sound system culture at an early age, it was inevitable that he would eventually pursue contribution from a creative perspective. Bass driven music has been a part of his life through his family’s Ghanaian roots and has always resonated within his being. Khan Kuma has always had a natural draw to electronic genres that were birthed from the sounds within black culture.

Capturing those elements within the bass music genres is what drives him and keeps him true to his roots. After spending years following his favorite artists across the US and throwing shows of his own, he embarked on his own journey through sound. Inspired by heavyweight Dubstep DJ’s such as Joe Nice, Coki, Mala, Caspa, Rusko, Truth, Ternion Sound, Deep Tempo, Sicaria Sound, and many others, Khan Kuma set out to pave his own way with weighty track selections containing robust low end that acts as an extension of his essence.

Through his mixing and production, Khan Kuma looks to connect with crowds, sound systems, artists and other entities within the music scene and tell a story of empowerment with reminders of the roots of bass music culture.


Emmanuel Pharrow is a Pittsburgh based music producer, event planner, visual artist, and Festival DJ. They got their start in music at an early age and have been producing electronic music for over a decade.

As a DJ they have played multiple live events both in person and virtually via Twitch under the artist name “Pharro->”.

Their music takes influence from all over; including from legends from the Trap, Hip Hop, and Dubstep music genres. Their Debut as a DJ was opening as local support for Ephwurd and Sweet Teeth. Their live sets are aesthetically cohesive thematic journeys, with undertones of both psychedelic and nostalgic elements and heavily inspired by anime and video games.

Heddy White

Heddy White is a multi-genre Producer/DJ hailing from Pittsburgh, PA. After his debut in 2016 he has made his name known in the music scene with supporting acts for artists such as Midnight Tyrannosaurus, Notixx, Krimer, Monxx, Barely Alive, Jphelpz, Zubah and more. This is an artist you do not want to miss!


Iamusick is a Pittsburgh-based music producer and live performer. His inspiration comes from everyday sounds, everywhere
He stays grounded in the moment when it comes to producing, and creating has become his life.

His work is out there for others to hear, but more importantly to experience a piece of his humanity.
lamusick lives by the notion you have to make people listen, so that you have the opportunity to make them