Holistic Harvest (An AUTumn Affair)

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holistic harvest
(An aut-um-n affair)

king joe

Thunderbird Cafe and Music Hall
November 11th, 2023

Limited Early Bird $15
GA $25
Day of show $35

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About Event

ho·lis·tic /hōˈlistik/ adjective
1. characterized by the belief that the parts of something are interconnected and can be explained only by reference to the whole.

Join us on 11/11 as the team of Ambient Alchemists are back to give you a night packed of interconnection through the spiritual transcendence of embracing BASS music. 🔊🔊
This will be a fully decorated event celebrating the end of the autumn season to promote wellness in the transition to the wintery abyss 🍂🍄🌾

Powered by Danley Sound System brought to you by Kallop Sound Solutions • Production team Focal Point Productions LLC • Harm Reduction KMFK Safety Services • Press Grayson Hall Photography & Full Circle Media • Vending Stuff! By Faith McFluff & Massage Chair services by Thrive on Health • Live Painting Paul Mez + More


um.. is a production duo formed by Icon Collective graduates Ben Bruce & Dylan Gold. Together the two have distanced themselves from conventional EDM and created a new space for their music and brand to reside on the outer edges of the electronic music spectrum. Since their beginnings, they have gone on to play some of the biggest venues and parties in the US including Coachellas DoLab, Red Rocks, The Gorge Amphitheater… The duo stands out with their creativity over anything else, which is something that is rare in an often oversaturated subspace of music.


LAVIER is the ever-evolving multi-genre bass music producer from Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania creating gossamer compositions that range from dubstep and trap, to melodic beats and lo-fi. A skilled musician, Lavier got his start at a young age with piano and guitar and played in multiple live groups throughout his teen years and early twenties. Electronic music production came about in his late teens, when a close friend showed him artists that would stir him to begin producing his complex sound. Countless hours of delving into the sounds of underground bass music influence his heavier cuts, while his years spent playing musical instruments fuel his more jazz-influenced melodic work. This is dichotomous to his off-kilter bass music, which has drawn comparisons to artists like Ivy Lab and Eprom.

Writing, mixing, and mastering music, creating visual art, and performing live is all in a day’s work for this hands-on artist. The Pittsburgh native has shared the decks with a wide variety of artists, including Lotus, Ternion Sound, The Widdler, Seppa, DMVU, EazyBaked, and many others. On top of his growing list of past notable performances, Lavier pumps out new music at a prolific rate and his releases have seen support from the likes of Street Ritual, Of The Trees, and Tripp Street, and publications such as Heard It Here First, FUXWITHIT, MOON LVNDING, and Saint Audio. The producer looks forward to an action packed 2022 with several new tracks recently released and many more in the works. He also looks forward to connecting with live audiences in new places.

Having played hundreds of sets since the start of his project in 2015, Lavier still finds time to experiment in his craft. He shares that “Playing shows is just as fun as making music for me. And thanks to my musical background, it’s equally as fun to do the actual composing as it is to work on the production end of things. From top to bottom, the entire experience of music making and performing just brings me tons of joy and I aim to share that feeling with others.”


JAMiAM is the musical persona of Jamie Martocchio, an East coast native and music enthusiast since birth. After passionately attending shows and festivals for 7 years, she felt inspired to produce her own music; she was destined to share her magic with the world.

In February of 2022, JAMiAM embarked on this creative journey, and just 18 months in, she has exploded, making an incredible imprint on this industry! From her debut in Brooklyn, NY in July of 2022, closing out the Esseks Uncertain Future Release Party, to her more recent opening set for Shlump in New Orleans, she has been making waves across the States. Her style, as well as her live sets, are multidimensional – hitting genres all over the spectrum, from swampy deep dub to uptempo dance floor stompers!

No matter where JAMiAM plays, she plays with intensity and heart, bringing her infectious energy every time she gets on stage. This same energy radiates throughout every space and promises to make you move and groove! Never miss a set from this continuously evolving sound engineer!


Hoodwink is a rogue double agent fusing together the energetic mixing style and funky sensibilities of hip-hop with otherworldly sound design from the UK underground bass music scene . The common denominator in his selection is an emphasis on tight percussion, heavy grooves, and clean sub frequencies that can be felt to the core of your being.

Drawing from his experience as a live sound engineer, he brings a scientific approach to his mixing and focuses on novel sounds that will push a sound system’s capabilities and apply pressure on the dancefloor. He remains active in the Pittsburgh scene making regular DJ appearances at local staples like Thunderbird Music Hall, Bridge Music Bar, and The Goldmark, as well as working behind the scenes with his audio-visual company Focal Point Productions and as an instructor at the non-profit Tech25 AV training program.

king joe

Joe Sobolewski, known as King Joe, has a very unique style with his different genres of bass music. From his dub flow to his downtempo frequencies, King Joe implements low end frequencies that will leave you in a trance.

King Joe pushes sound culture with his project. He is the Co-Owner / Co-Founder of The Dub Emporium, a sound system culture label based in FL. He has original label releases with Sum R&R and Reloaded Sounds (UK). He also has collaborations with acts such as Levitation Jones, and Delta (UK) – with many more in the works.
King Joe has shared the stage with many big names in the industry and has played music festivals all over the country.

Some notable festivals this past year have been Yonderville, Big Dub, Wub n Dub, Moonwalk, Praire Pothole, The Homie Collective Campout, and even Love Burn in Miami. He has also played support for acts such as The Widdler, Ternion Sound, Meso, Josh Teed, Khiva, Dirt Monkey, Levitation Jones, Space Wizard, Eprom, and many more.