KOAN Sound: Led by Ancient Light Tour





KOAN Sound: Led by Ancient Light Tour

KOAN Sound
Josh Teed

Thunderbird Cafe and Music Hall

Doors Open 7pm

Music starts 8pm

Hard copy tickets available, or follow the link below

About Event

A night of enchantment awaits as KOAN Sound -Led by Ancient Light Tour takes center stage on 2/15 at the illustrious Thunderbird Café Music Hall in the heart of Lawrenceville, Pittsburgh, Pa. With direct support from Josh Teed.

Immerse yourself in the incredible violin skills of Josh Teed that will leave you awestruck, followed up the ethereal melodies and captivating beats of KOAN Sound. Join us on this extraordinary journey, where darkness meets enlightenment, and music becomes an alchemic elixir for the soul.

Get familiar with KOAN Sound & Josh Teed with our 2 hour playlist on Spotify of some of our favorite tunes! 

KOAN Sound

KOAN Sound is an electronic music production duo from Bristol, United Kingdom. The duo consists of Will Weeks and Jim Bastow. The name is taken from the word kōan. A track from the Max Out EP is titled “One Hand Clap” – a reference to a well-known kōan with the implied answer of silence, an element used in their music to draw extreme contrast.

The duo cite bands such as Rage Against the Machine and Incubus as early influences. In 2005 the duo began to explore electronic music through artists such as The Prodigy and Noisia. They initially gained recognition as Dubstep producers, with earlier popular tracks including “Akira”. Some of the duo’s productions, such as “Funk Blaster” and “Sly Fox” draw some jazz influences, as seen in Sly Fox’s starting drumline and synths.

The duo have since released music on various labels including Inspected and OWSLA, and have worked with a number of other artists, including producer Asa and singer Ed Sheeran.


Josh Teed

Weaving soul touching, intricate melodies together with experimental sound design, Josh Teed’s music is an experience unlike any other.

After 20+ years with a violin in hand, the 25 year old producer and instrumentalist is aiming to break down the barriers between electronic and instrumental music, by bringing his unique blend of hard hitting bass and outside the box violinistry to ears around the world.

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