Out Of The Woods Tour : Wraz & Abstrakt Sonance






Wraz & Abstrakt Sonance
Out Of The Woods Tour

Abstrakt Sonance
CorporAte Thugz
Dj Gov Name
Khan Kuma Arekusa

Squirrel Hill Sports bar
march 1st, 2024

$15 Early Bird
$20 Tier 1
$25 Tier 2
$30 Door

About Event

Deep, Dark and Dangerous Wraz. & Abstrakt Sonance will be in Pittsburgh FRIDAY, MARCH 1ST at Squirell Hill Sports bar. Support from Corporate Thugz, AREKUSA, DJ Gov Name & Khan Kuma B2B Iamusick. Danley Sound provided by Kallop Sound Solutions, production from Focal Point Productions & Harm Reduction services from KMFK Safety Services.

The Out Of The Woods EP by Wraz. & Abstrakt Sonance
1. Chinook
2. Cedar
3. Anglar
4. Grove FT Substance
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Wraz is a Canadian producer & DJ from Sherbrooke, Quebec. His sound goes into the deep & dark side of Dubstep, Grime, Drum & Bass and Halftime, with fat analog synths, mythical melodies and unstoppable flow on the drums. With releases on Deep Dark & Dangerous, Artikal Music, 4NCY/Darkmode, Duploc, and other labels across the globe, he always makes quality material for your ears, in harmony with the sound system. Get ready for some heat!

Wraz has been making a lot of waves all over North-America recently, with shows in Los Angeles, Denver, Minneapolis, Miami, New York, Santa Cruz, Montreal, Chicago, Halifax, Toronto, and a lot more shows planned all over the US and Canada in the future. His collaborations with many UK rappers and MCs (PAV4N, Strategy, Magugu, Illaman) shows the link between his style and the UK dubstep/140 scene, making a perfect blend between him and all these amazing artists. His recent self-release DELIRIUM EP really shows the depth of his production’s quality, showing the darker side of his sound. He’s also got two more label releases incoming in the Fall with Deep Dark & Dangerous (US) and Artikal Music (UK).

The Canadian artist could be seen in a lot of festivals last summer such has Shambhala 2023, Lightning in a Bottle 2023, Sound Haven 2023, Wicked Woods 2023 and many more. In the past few years he also played Shambhala 2022, Infrasound 2022, Future Forest 2022, Origins 2021, Valhalla Sound Circus 2019, Future Forest 2019 & more.

Wraz has not only been very active on the web by releasing music (singles, EPs and one full album), but also by doing a lot of livestreams. He participated at 4 of the legendary Deep Dark & Dangerous Quarantine Sessions, with over 2.6k live viewers during his sets. He also has a weekly show on Twitch called Gunfingaz Thursdays alongside Substance where they receive a ton of support, having formed a great community from all around the world. They also invite top tier producers & Djs to come play every week with them (some of the past guests : Ternion Sound, The Widdler, Infekt, Distinct Motive, Mesck & Woven Thorns, & more)

The Canadian producer started making music full-time in 2012, when he started studying music at college (jazz drum and classical piano), then university (composition), and he has now finished his master’s degree (conducting). While always exploring new techniques of sound design and arrangement, he developed a very unique sound that can be heard in all his productions.

Stay tuned for what’s to come with Wraz!

Abstrakt Sonance

A sound design enthusiast, Abstrakt Sonance is a passionate and boundary breaking producer. With collaberations with UK legends like D Double E, Trigga, Killa P, Flowdan, all the way to producing for new music for Skyler Jett and Ronald LaPread of The Commodores. His music is played regularly on BBC Radio1, 1xtra, and Rinse FM. His production translates greatly in his unique, energetic stage show, that cannot be compared on this planet. 

Touring 4 continents consistantly, you can hear the depth of inspiration that is translated into every song. With an array of raw energy and emotion, he manages to express deep emotion in his tunes while still delivering raw and powerful bass lines that have been moving dance floors throughout the globe. The impact of Abstrakt Sonance’s music has grown exponentially and his tracks can be found in the crates of underground selectors and international headliners alike.

Corporate Thugz

A collaborative effort started in 2019 comprised of two multi-facted and talented artists; Larry Stazewski and Gio Hyman. Larry, referred to as Neph, gained the name from his heyday of learning to play with his uncle, who started him on vinyl records spinning house music. Those honed skills show in every DJ set as he moves through music fluidly. Sauce K’s love for DJing began in a different medium as he has been a street turned trained dancer for the entirety of his life. His affinity for listening to beats and interpreting them to action goes hand in hand when he’s behind the decks. Dynamic individuals in their own right, they work together to create and play dance floor focused music accentuating their backgrounds; as two men who love to see people dance. 

With a large list of opening sets and direct support slots for artists like Jantsen, Smoakland, sFam, Bear Grillz, Runnit, Milano, and Josh Teed, they have shown that an open format and diverse style of play can make a project genre ambiguous. They have also started their own concert series aptly named Corporate Thugz & Colleagues, featuring the friends that they made on their musical journey, some of which include 5am, JamL, Gunnar Nash, Saint Pond, Shreztah, Second Nature, Baecardi D, PoDell, Bluhtii, Ficus, BRŪJOS, and Humandala. With several notches in their east coast festival belt including Big Dub, Lil Dub, Elements, Headmaker’s Ball, and the New York Cannabis Festival as well as a detour to a pop culture convention called BlerDCon, and doing takeover with their Colleagues brand, they are well versed with playing rhythms to diverse rooms to make them move. 

Bolstering their production knowledge, they plan to push out more music in the coming year and expand their project beyond what is heard in clubrooms. Recently coined, “We plan to take your hands from the skies, to your thighs, from the nosebleeds to your knees, from breaking ya neck, to arching ya back. We are Corporate Thugz. Mask Up!


DJ, promoter, producer, and electronic music enthusiast alike, “AREKUSA”, is a Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania native. As a fearless multi-genre power house and natural connoisseur of deep, infectious dance grooves, she creates a feel-good atmosphere. Her main inspirations are  drawn from artists such as Samurai Breaks, BAKEY, Fixate, and Sammy Virji. EST in march of 2020, “AREKUSA” has quickly gained the attention of local and regional scenes and has one major festival booking under her belt (Big Dub 2022). 

Resident DJ 2Step Tuesdays- UK Garage (Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania)


Iamusick is a Pittsburgh-based music producer and live performer. His inspiration comes from everyday sounds, everywhere. He stays grounded in the moment when it comes to producing, and creating has become his life. His work is out there for others to hear, but more importantly to experience a piece of his humanity. Iamusick lives by the notion you have to make people listen, so that you have the opportunity to make them feel.

khan kuma

Pittsburgh native Drew Owusu, aka Khan Kuma, is deeply rooted in sound system culture.

Influenced by his Ghanaian heritage, bass-driven music flows through his veins.
With an innate penchant for electronic genres rooted in black culture,
Khan Kuma’s journey as an artist was inevitable.

Inspired by heavyweight Dubstep DJs like Joe Nice, CASPA, N-TYPE, Coki, and Ternion Sound,
Khan Kuma forges a distinct sonic tapestry.
His rapid mixing and seamless track blending bring an unparalleled energy to the dance floor,
creating an immersive experience.

Sharing a part of himself with the crowd, Khan Kuma’s sound is a vibrant fusion that captivates audiences.

DJ Gov Name

It was in the foothills of Appalachia where Hunter Guire, better known under the moniker of DJ Gov Name, began his epic of becoming a recognized tastemaker. His background as enriched as his musical repertoire, Guire was raised in a family of first-generation immigrants, his childhood resonating with the sounds of classical music and his own playing of the orchestral violin.
Music remaining the constant throughout his adolescence, soon Guire was introduced to dance music, immersing himself headfirst into the rich history and community. In a region lacking representation, Guire was beckoned to bring a similar caliber of sound locally, embracing the seismic challenge ahead of him based on his respect for the culture and an insatiable desire to share that with others.
Over the course of the next decade, Guire worked relentlessly to construct an empire on his shoulders in the idyllic setting, founding successful companies under the names of Shawmaynes, Just Come Presents, and, his magnum opus, Appalachian Sound Culture. Not only did he foster an established market in an often-overlooked area of the map, but during this time, he also showed testament to his craft, putting stock into his own artist profile of DJ Gov Name.
Performing among the likes of prestigious acts including Visages, Epoch, Must Die!, Tisoki, Eptic, Die by the Sword, Mythm, Chef Boyarbeatz, and more, Guire prominently showcases a mix of traditional dubstep and drum and bass, his sets paying homage to respected music from across the globe. The project rooted in the core ethos of resilience, ingenuity, and the cathartic power of music, his sets can most easily be compared to a grand fantasy, where sound weaves the narrative and audiences are welcomed to the triumph of dance.
His influence reaching the ears of anyone who appreciates the artistry of dance music, Guire’s journey there and back again, from the backdrop of West Virginia to the forefront of the scene, has already left an indelible mark; his impact not merely heard, but felt in the very pulse of the dance floor and the heartbeat of enthusiasts.