Temporal Trip









Thunderbird Cafe and Music Hall
MAY 12TH, 2023

$20 Early Bird
$25 Hard Copy
$25 General Admission
$30 Day of Show Online
$40 Door

Hard copy tickets available, or follow the link below

About Event

Embark on a journey inside of your subconscious, lose track of time, and get lost in the strange and unusual. This surreal soiree features larger than life art, audio and visual displays. In association with The Clock In Tour, this event has been meticulously curated with The Eye of the Avant-Garde himself, Salvador Dali, in mind. Dali and his wife, Gala, threw galas of their own throughout their years together. Their over-the-top dinner parties were made complete with insane menu items, intricately designed ambience, and bizarre costumes. To pay homage to the artist behind the famous melting clock painting, “The Persistence of Memory”, we encourage you all to take a walk on the wild side through your local thrift store and create a high fashion ensemble from a low budget. For those that may not be aware, the temporal lobe enables one to process sound and vision, recognize objects, and access memories. Temporal as an adjective relates to time and worldly affairs. We plan to take you on a trip inside your unconscious mind, and give you a tangible experience of the intangible aspects of the human psyche. Beware before you enter, things are not always as they seem.

Kallop Sound Solutions
Konverge Entertainment
KMFK Health and Safety Services

Vendors TBA!

5am trio

5AM is Philly – based producer, musician, graphic designer, and creative magnate Sam Andrus. Once a student at the Rhode Island School of Design burning the midnight oil in the studio with a soundtrack always in the background, Sam has since forged his inspirations from jazz fusion, funk, and future beats into a style of bass music known to captivate audiences with a spectacle of mesmerizing detail and high resolution sound design. 5AM’s music merges worlds as it expertly weaves electronic production and live instrumentation through creative processing and meticulous mixing. To bring his journey full circle, Sam has expanded his project to form the 5AM Trio, a collaboration complete with live drumming from ZONE Drums (Aaron Harel) and turntablism, bass guitar, and keys from Keith Wadsworth. 5AM has soared to new heights, becoming the first electronic music producer to perform at the historic Kings Theatre in New York City for the sold-out Tipsgiving. 5AM is now a seasoned performer who’s shared the stage with Tipper, Shpongle, Jade Cicada, Papadosio, Jade Cicada Detox Unit, Random Rab, and more,and lived and built strong roots up and down the east and west coasts of the US.

Wax future

Since they first met back in 2014, Connor Hansell and Keith Wadsworth have been exploring new sonic territory. Pulling from diverse musical backgrounds, the duo combine music that is distinctly of our time, but harkens back to the glory days of analogue recording. Blending a mix of hard hitting drums, classic hip hop and funk grooves, guitar, and an ever changing arsenal of analogue synths, the two create captivating music, that is as focused on story telling as it is on sound design. On stage Wax is known for their energetic live performances, incorporating live instrumentation, including guitar, bass, vocals and modular synthesis. Together the two have released music on various labels, including Atlantic Records and Gravitas. They have also had several sync placements on channels including VH1, and on The Daily Show with Trevor Noah on Comedy Central. The duo has performed and toured with an eclectic mix of acts, including Pretty Lights, Lotus and Manic Focus.

raychill sound

Rachael, aka, Raychill Sound brings the energy wherever she goes. Mixing in old hip-hop beats and new deep dubplates, her sets leave the crowd wanting more. Her dedication to the art and ability to curate a set is shocking the scene left and right. Escaping into the world of music has been a healthy outlet where she is able to share her story and her sound. Rachael hopes to be an inspiration while keeping the dance floor shaking and the bootys poppin.


Togeki is a 22 year old DJ/Producer from Maryland. He has quickly gained traction as an accomplished producer with an arsenal of original music and remixes; primarily dealing in 140, Halftime, and Drum & Bass. He also pushes the boundaries of DJing through his technical capability on the decks, while still having a top tier stage presence. Togeki sets are never one to miss.


BrainBass is here to spread a balance of high and low frequencies that encompass all aspects of creation. Through his music you will experience an array of feelings aimed to open minds, visualize intergalactic phenomena, criticize the wrongdoings of society while emphasizing the good, and, of course, bring out your inner swag.