Diapers N’ Dubs


On Tuesday, March 7th, four dubstep dads flocked around a table, and even though they weren’t standing around a grill at a BBQ, they were still throwing off some serious heat. They were flipping switches & turning knobs, to ensure they cooked up those tunes JUST right. Starting off with a massive b2b2b and adding a touch of Ambient magic, it set the tone for the rest of the night.

As patrons came in, we asked them to decorate the stage. Instead of the stage being full of half empty drinks, it was stacked with a wall of diapers. The goal was to collect as many as possible, ending with a grand total of 2,231 diapers… One would say that yinz really understood the assignment! It seriously warmed our hearts seeing our community show up, come together and strongly participate in giving the dubstep dads the appreciation and diaper party Andrew Owusu deserves. It was a really fun night full of love, a beautiful celebration, an overall enlightening experience. Dubstep dads for the win.

Cheers to you guys, new life and fatherhood!

And again, thank you so much to everyone who contributed to the basket and congratulations to our raffle basket winner, Tom Tinetti.

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