Holistic Harvest Recap

(An AUTumN Affair) 11/11/23

um.. about last night , thank you. 

Thank you to everyone who was involved over these last 12 week of planning this event. Artists : um , Lavier, Jamiam, Eric Hoodwink, DJ Gov Name Special artist appearances from RAKK from Philly and Cam Void. Sound : Kallop Sound Solutions Production: Focal Point Productions LLC Live Painter : Paul Mez Vendors: Thrive on Health & Faith Mcfluff Made It Flow artists : Jade Lydia , Cvpri Irene & Mike V.

Harm Reduction : KMFK Safety Services Media Grayson Hall Photography & Full Circle Media. Venue & Staff : Thunderbird Café & Music Hall. 

Shout out to our promo team : yinz make us feel so loved. We can’t thank you enough for your time and efforts into Ambient. 

And lastly thank you to everyone who left their house and showed up. We couldn’t keep doing this without all of yinz continuing to support us and our vision. Each and everyone of you mentioned above , we see you. We see everyone’s hard work , determination and passions flowing. We love it , we live for it. Collectively working together and making it happening. Bringing people together for the love of music. 

Thank you all for being the working parts of our lil Pittsburgh music scene, truly. 


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