LOUD Recap

The air was thick with nostalgia, the floor was vibrating from the bass, and faces were soaked in tears yet full of smiles. Now, after a few days of rest, we are still reveling in the success of the LOUD event! This is going to be a long one, as we have SO MUCH to say…
so, TLDR:
MacHeads came by the hundreds to eat, cry, laugh, appreciate art, listen to amazing Mac EDM mixes on a bumping sound system, celebrate the legacy of Mac Miller, and at the end of the day, we were able to donate $1,050 to The Mac Miller Fund from FRIDAY’S EVENT ALONE! Full donation announcement from the entire weekend at all three locations to come from the Dive Bar & Grille and Other People Need Food 2 menu team soon!
We are seriously overwhelmed with the amount of people who came out in celebration of Mac Miller’s life and legacy. The love and comradery between MacHeads is something so special and we are so honored to have had the opportunity to facilitate an event to bring us all together. As Yinzers, it was incredible to chat with so many people from other states, even other countries, who traveled all the way to our city to celebrate our hometown hero.
Of course, harm reduction hit really closely to our hearts at this event, and just like all of our events, we were so happy to have KMFK Safety Services on site to educate and protect people. 46 boxes of Narcan were given away, as well as 50 fentanyl test strips. KMFK trained attendees on how to use harm reduction tools, how to spot symptoms of common issues like heat stroke, and how to administer Narcan in an emergency situation. We are constantly so thankful for Kate, Lucy and Shane for helping us help you! Also, huge thank you to the angel that paid KMFK’s costs as their services and products were donated to the event!
The DJs, oh man. We challenged 5 amazing artists to curate hour-long sets from a list of about 35 Mac songs each, with no repeats, so we could feature as much of his discography as possible. They did NOT disappoint. We are so proud of Funk Masta Fletch, AREKUSA, Lavier, Khan Kuma, and Dropset for stepping out of their comfort zones and committing themselves to the challenge! They donated their time and talents for the cause, and the EXECUTION?!?! Amazing. We went from lighters swaying in the air, to the crowd jumping and going wild, to people holding eachother and crying. Thank you for doing right by Mac and giving us 5 hours of perfectly curated sound.
Huge shout out to our production team, which was kind of a mixed match madness of donated equipment and sound engineering! SubSanctuary brought the Funktion One systems, Kallop Sound Solutions provided the CDJs, mixer, and monitors, and Gage Shadley and Dustin Leonard donated the lights, lazers, and fog machine (that was so strong we had to turn it off 😅) We quite literally could not have done this without you guys, you put on the show and took so much stress away from the day-of coordination by having the production locked and loaded late the night before!
We definitely can’t forget to mention the beautiful graphic design work done by Dylan Evans, (Lavier). Dylan Evans Design takes our ideas and turns them into beautiful reality. We throw the most generalized ideas at this man and he gives us back masterpieces. We couldn’t throw events without a way to let you all know about them, and Dylan Evans always provides us with amazing art that clearly lists the information needed in an eye-catching way! Marketing material is so incredibly important and we wouldn’t rather have anyone else on our team!
To all the artists that submitted art to be shown and sold, and to the live painters that came out and blessed us with creation, THANK YOU. This entire event was to bring together different forms of art and show support for eachother, and you all killed it. The pieces hung all over the restaurant were incredible, the creativity was outstanding. During set up the night before, when the entire upstairs area was COVERED in art, was such a cool feeling. This was the first of many gallery-style events we will be doing, and we were so honored to feature so many of you! Huge shout out to our live painters, Christopher Corrado, Dejouir Brown, and Phil Seth for committing 8 hours of their time to come paint for us (and entertain the super long line outside due to capacity)
The media team! What an amazing show of photographers and videographers! We can’t wait to see the photos and footage! Thank you Dean Catalano and Ian Patrick Hill for being our staffed media team, your work speaks for itself and we are so honored to have had you both at this event! To have photos and videos to look back and remember the love in the air is priceless. To any freelance photogs that showed up, PLEASE DM us! We would LOVE to see your artist perspectives of our event and post it to our page.
To Dive Bar and Grille, Dennis Bell, Gabriel Knecht, and Tessa Evers.. We are so thankful to have been brought on board to curate this event. We worked so well as a team, and we couldnt have imagined a better execution. Thank you to the kitchen staff, the bartenders, and servers for providing excellent service under incredibly stressful conditions. We know you guys were overwhelmed and you killed it. There wasn’t a single person left hungry or thirsty! Shout out to the security staff for keeping us safe, and at a reasonable capacity. If it wasn’t for you guys, we would have been stuffed in there like sardines by the hundreds!
Last, but definitely not least, our Ambient Army Promo Team. You guys busted ass on this event, with zero incentive, just for the love of what we do and for this particular cause. We grow as a team every single day, and we are so proud of every single on of you for constantly showing up and showing out. We could not do this without you. And all of our fierce supporters in the #AmbientArmy, your support means the world and we are honored to continue to curate incredible experiences for you all. Thank you, from the bottom of our hearts.
Rest In Peace
Malcolm James McCormick
“Mac Miller”
January 19, 1992 – September 7, 2018 – Infinity ♾️
As always,
Respect yourself
Respect others
Respect your surroundings
With love, and a little magic,

Sam and Nicky

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